Vote as if Your Life* Depended on It!

* and the Lives of Your Favorite Musicians! Election day has always been sentimental for me. I grew up in a socially conscious family. Every election day, I would ride along with my mother checking on each poll and poll worker, bringing them snacks, and a drink. Many times, we would outfit the opposing poll worker. She instilled into me that being an empathetic human was more important than your political differences.

This is why we at Uptown Artist Group encourage everyone to vote on Tuesday November 3. It’s cliche to say that your life depends on it but, with what has been happening to our industry for the past 8 months, it really does. So many of us have lost our jobs and our careers because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It saddens us to know that our friends and colleagues are suffering so much.

As we were thinking about this email, we reached out to one of our artists, Dylan Walshe, about using his song, The Trickle Down Effect, as it relates to this trying time in all our lives.

The song begins…

And the balloters are back out on the streets

Questioning their democracy

And the elected that they didn't choose

They march along on with the confused

Saying, anyone who stays silent it defeats

Dylan is an immigrant. He comes to the US from Dublin, Ireland and is now based in Nashville where he lives with his wife, Kristen. Dylan is an acclaimed solo singer/songwriter whose style has been described as poignant, poetic lyrics and memorable tunes with comparisons to Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt.

“Dylan's music is steeped in the traditions of Folk, Irish, Blues, Singer-songwriter, One-man band & Roots Music, but never bound by those traditions. An experienced, "passionate & beguiling performer whether he's rocking out or turning up the introspection" - R2 Magazine, UK

Dylan is currently taking select gigs where social distancing and masks are enforced. Dylan is also performing live streaming shows for venues with friendly splits on the donations. Please contact us at for more information.

Click here to visit Dylan Walshe's website.

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