Ashley Davis is a young woman with a beautiful voice and as much musicality as anyone could wish for.  And on top of that, she writes and sings with confidence way beyond her years."
-Philip Glass, composer

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Think Joni Mitchell meets contemporary Celtic and you’ll get something like the creative force of Ashley Davis, an American singer-songwriter whose voice drifts over the Great Plains, north to New York City, and across the Atlantic.


While this mash-up may classify her work, Davis’s unique ability to capture and cross musical traditions ultimately transcends comparison. Ashley's soft-spoken music conjures a genre and world all of its own.  Good Morning America, for instance, describes the Ashley Davis Band as “new music springing from ancient roots.” A culmination of the many influences that have inspired her over the years, Davis’s songwriting has captivated audiences on either side of the Atlantic—has invited them, instinctively, to dream.


Ashley has excelled in Celtic folk, Americana, and even electronic, proving she can turn any musical style into a spellbinding story.

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