Julia is one of our city’s most gifted and diverse vocalists, one who can

take on a variety of genres with grace and aplomb.

-TImothy Finn, In Kansas City Magazine

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Julia Haile

An accomplished vocalist with natural ability and training, Julia Haile’s career continues to expose listeners to multi-genre music. Whether it be through original works, collaborations, or expressing the passions of various songwriters, her talent and tone leave the listener feeling the music deeply. 

Based in Kansas City, Haile had the city’s rich legacy of music to guide her education. After growing an appreciation for classical and jazz music, she began to mix a modern sound with a strong foundation. 

Julia has been performing for more than a decade. From soul band The Good Foot to working with the world-renowned jazz trio Diverse, Julia went on to being a founding member of the R&B group, The Buhs. In addition to performing with her current band, Hi-Lux, Julia tours the country as a solo artist with her fiancé, guitarist Tim Braun.