“Hi-Lux brought the soul to the reggae and jazz beats on the main stage.  Julia’s incredible voice pulled the crowd to the stage and band had the beats to  get the crowd swaying.... Be warned, if you listen to their music  you may never want to stop.”

-I love KC music Blog, Kim Devries. 

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Hi-Lux is a modern-soul band from Kansas City. Hi-Lux blends and bends the boundaries between soul and funk, funk and reggae. 

The band is lead by singer Julia Haile and consists of Tim Braun on guitar, Nick Howell on keys, Dan Loftus on the bass and Kian Byrne on drums. 


The crew has played together on many projects over 10 years of friendship, bound by a love of great music. And on a cold winter's day in late 2016, after a jam session and over a slab of Gates BBQ ribs, Hi-Lux was born. They put their talents to work. Blues riffs, reggae beats, commanding vocals and Meters like keyboard sounds all came together forming a different kind of groove. With Kansas City’s rich music history the town has recognized it’s housing something special. 

Hi-Lux are out to conquer the industry.